Outlaw Christian

October 13, 2016


Event: The Don Rinehart Lecture in Practical Theology
Date: Wednesday. Oct. 19, 2016
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Miller Chapel

Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Bussie

Lecture: Outlaw Christian - Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the 'Rules'

(Free and open to the public)

Jacqueline Bussie is an author, professor, theologian, public speaker, and student of life in all its messy beauty. Her first book, The Laughter of the Oppressed (2007), won the national Trinity Prize. An active servant-leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Jacqueline teaches religion and theology classes at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where she also serves as the Director of the Forum on Faith and Life.

In her new book Outlaw Christian: Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the 'Rules' (Thomas Nelson, 2016), Bussie encourages her readers to break the unspoken rules that govern the Christian life for too many: #1: Never get angry at God; #2: Never doubt; #3: Never question; #4: Never tell your real story; #5: Always speak in clichés about evil and suffering; and #6: Always believe hope comes easy for those who truly love God.

Living according to these rules is killing real Christian life; in Outlaw Christian Bussie proposes a rebellious, life-giving, authentic alternative. Tackling difficult questions without political divisiveness, Bussie speaks to both progressive and conservative Christians in ways that unite rather than divide. And in doing so, she provides a new way to handle the most difficult and troubling questions of life in a broken world that God will never abandon. To read more about Jacqueline Bussie and her work go to www.outlawchristianbook.com and http://jacquelinebussie.com . For more information on the lecture contact Peter Slade pslade@ashland.edu


The Don Rinehart Lecture in Practical Theology is an annual endowed public lecture honoring the legacy and continuing the work of Dr. Don Rinehart who, in his 46 years of teaching at Ashland, inspired generations of students.

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