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February 19, 2016

This April we will be offering baptism to anyone wishing to take this next step in their faith journey. Baptism is an outward sign of the inward change that occurs when we recognize and invite Jesus as the Lord of our lives. We do this in community as a visible representation of our dying and being resurrected with Jesus - dying to our old self and rising into new life in Christ. 

Reasons you might consider baptism:

  • You have just come to a saving relationship with Jesus and want to make a public recognition of repentance and changed life (Acts 2:38).
  • You have grown up in the church, but have never been baptized or made a public "I do" sort of statement with Jesus.
  • You were baptized as an infant but want to be rebaptized now that you are older and understand faith for yourself.

Reasons not to consider baptism:

  • You are worried the first one "didn't stick."
  • You really like swimming, but the rec center pool is too big.

Contact Us

If you'd like to contact us and sign up for baptism, you can click here to fill out an online form. If you'd like more information before you make a decision, you can email Mallorie Miller at

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