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Sometimes Christians over-complicate things. At the Well, we think that Jesus actually meant it when he said, "Go make disciples" (Matthew 28:19) and wasn't speaking metaphorically, sarcastically, or theoretically. So we're seeking to actually do the thing that Jesus commanded by offering a variety of ways in which students can grow in the likeness of Christ. One of the best ways to do this is through joining a Life Group and joining your faith with that of others who are also trying to seek and follow the ways of Christ. These groups typically meet once a week and revolve around scripture, fellowship, and service. If you're interested in joining a Life Group please contact our great friend Mallorie Miller at


Becoming Women's Life Group
"Choose the depth of Christ in every moment"
Monday @ 8 p.m. 717 Center Street
Contact: Olivia HessMeg Fitzpatrick

Lighthouse Women's Life Group
"Come and be"
Wednesday @ 8 p.m. Prayer Room in the Chapel
Contact: Ellie MillerHeather Butti

First Year Men Life Group
Wednesday @ 8 p.m. Lower Chapel
Contact: Tyler HenryJake Emser

First Year Women Life Group
Monday @ 7 p.m. 618 Park Street (meet at chapel steps to walk together)
Contact: Bethany LewisSusanne Silvernail

Seeking Truth Bible Study
Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m. Lower Chapel
Contact: Tyler McFarland 

Upperclassmen Men
Contact: Nate Minneman 

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