My Path to God

By Alison Biro

March 20, 2013

God has been working in amazing ways in my life recently.  When I came to Ashland University in 2011, I decided to give my life over to Christ.  I wanted to stop going through the motions and actually develop a relationship with God.  Once I got involved in The Well, that wasn’t hard to do.  I was surrounded by a community of brothers and sisters that were so accepting, loving and willing to help me develop a relationship with God. 

They prayed over me and supported me through one of my biggest challenges.  As a three-sport athlete, it is hard to hear that you will need a series of surgeries that will prevent you from playing sports for a while.  It is also hard to sit on the sidelines in a wheelchair and watch your teammates play.  Going into my third surgery, which was basically a last ditch effort to fix my feet, I was confident that I would be healed by God this time because I trusted him now more than ever.  My faith had grown so much over the first year I was at AU because of what I was taught at the Well and in small group. My family in Christ from The Well prayed over me a few days before surgery asking God to heal me because we knew he had the power to do that. 

Since my surgery in May, I am now able to walk and even run a mile and play basketball without much pain! God has healed me and it is an incredible feeling.  I had grown so much in my faith and had God work so much in my heart that I wanted to get baptized.  I was able to get baptized at The Well with three of my sisters in Christ on November 1, 2012!  It was an amazing experience and I was excited that the community that had provided me with so much support was there to share that experience with me!  I am continuing to grow and I am going on my first mission trip to serve the Lord this spring with some of my family from The Well.   

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God does work in amazing ways. Some call it will, some call it luck, for some its positive attitude; all these references point to God's grace at the end, and I see all these elements in your story. You are blessed!
Manik at 10:38pm EDT - April 16, 2013

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