Falling in Love

By Annie Miller

March 6, 2013

I was molded and transformed by my Father’s love and because of that I am beginning my most exciting journey yet!

I am engaged to a wonderful man who loves God! Since I was a little girl, I have been dreaming about this adventure.

This last year I learned to trust God with everything, including my love life. The main thing I want to express here is this: Falling in love with Matthew has been like falling in love with God all over again. I don’t mean that Matthew is God, I mean that in every way Matthew points me towards God’s love. He loves me in a way that reminds me of God’s love for me. Through Matthew I have been able to find a tangible love that reflects God’s love.

Oftentimes it is so hard to grasp God’s love and I still will never be able to fully. However, being ‘in love’ has shown me a whole new aspect to God and the way that he interacts with the world. I understand the worship of God all the more intimately because of the love I have for Matthew.

So, not only do I have this extreme excitement of falling in love, but I also have this new love and respect for my Father and the way he made us. It’s just so exciting getting to experience God in a new way every time he gives me a new experience in my life!

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