Questioning God's Promises

By Cory Smith

March 3, 2013

Our God never fails.

Two years ago, I spent a summer in Las Vegas working with an organization called YWAM. We did a lot of street evangelism and homeless ministry alongside youth groups that would come in from all over the country, and it completely wrecked my life for God’s kingdom. But what God did was even more impressive: In the midst of an intense season of brokenness and hopelessness, Christ healed my heart and breathed into a passion for evangelism and world mission. It was at the end of that summer that I tattooed “belonging to the LORD” on my wrist in Hebrew, a permanent reminder of the profound love that was lavished on me and the call to live a life abandoned to Him.

Since then I’ve graduated, started working as a youth pastor, and begun to wrestle through what the rest of my life will look like…How long should I stay here? How do I navigate relationships while pursuing Christ fully? When does my big adventure start? And as I question all these things, I’ve found God slowly constructing miracles around my tunnel vision. While I doubt and worry and question, Christ has softened the heart of my father who had always felt distant and unloved by God. I’ve been provided additional part-time work to meet new people and serve God well with my time. I’ve had wonderful, caring people enter my life and begin to break down the walls I put up to keep them out.

In all this, I’m finding that God’s adventure started a long time ago and I’m completely missing the bus waiting for it to look the way I expected it to. His promises never fail and He is always good. So I invite you to join me today to stop worrying about tomorrow. Let God be God and we can be His people. For our lives are not our own, they belong to someone with a much better plan than we could ever think or imagine.

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Love you Cory! This is something I have learned through Casey, to let go and trust God in his plans. When you learn to be still and listen, it's easier to understand why things happen the way they do. I know whatever you decide to do, that you will do it for the full glory of God. Again, love you!
Pam Vance at 11:22am EST - March 6, 2013

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